CPAP- NIV workshop under Central NNF to be hosted in partnership with State NNF

Learning Objectives

At the end of the program, participants will be able to:
  • Identify indications for the use of NIV .
  • Initiate and maintain an infant on NIV.
  • Learn the INSURE method
  • Learn about the equipment and fixation of interfaces
  • Define the complications and weaning from NIV .
  • Troubleshoot problems and successfully use NIV .
Target Audience
  • This workshop is intended for the team: physicians, nurses, and other allied health professionals practicing in the neonatal intensive care
  • a. To train pediatricians and nurses on the appropriate use of Bubble CPAP and High flow nasal canula.
  • b. To form a trainers of trainers team at each of the participating center
National Faculty any five ( plus Local Faculty Five – Six )
  • 1. Dr. V.P. Goswami
    2. Dr Ashok Deorari
    3. Dr. Praveen Kumar
    4. Dr. Srinivas Murki
    5. Dr. Anu Thukral
    6. Dr. Sandeep Kadam
    7. Dr. Ashish Mehta
    8. Dr. Manglabharthi
    9. Dr. Suman Rao
    10. Dr. Naveen Jain
    11. Dr. Bijon Shah
    12. Dr. Tejo Pratap
    13. Dr. Ashish Jain
    14. Dr. Sajan S
    15. Dr. Deepak Chawla
    16. Dr. Suksham Jain
    17. Dr. Giridhar
    18. Dr.Rishikesh Thakre
    19. Dr. Nandkishore Kabra
    20. Dr. Ramesh Agarwal
    21. Dr. Jeeva Shankar
    22. Dr. Kanya Mukhopadhyay
    23. Dr. Jafar Khan
    24. Dr. Sai Sunil Kishore
    25. Dr. Rajesh Kumar
    26. Dr. Rashna Das
    27. Dr. Asim Mallick
    28. Dr.Kumutha
    29. Dr SS Bisht
    30. Dr Dinesh Tomar
    31. Dr Lalan Bharti
Venue of workshop
  • Pune 17-18 August,2019 (KEM Hospital Pune & State NNF ; Organising secretary DR Sandeep Kadam)
  • Guwahati 1-2 October,2019 (Prof. Arti Deka HOD at Guwahati Medical College ; Dr Rashna Das & Dr Reeta Bora ,State NNF)
  • Rohtak - 14th and 15th March 2020, NNF in collaboration with Department of Neonatology, PGIMS Rohtak. Contact Dr Dinesh Tomar(Joint Secretary NNF Mb 9315845335 OR Dr Jagjit Dalal Mb 9968968980
  • Lucknow
  • Warangal
Registration & Fees
  • Rs.2000 per delegate (post graduate, Pediatrician)
  • Rs.1000 for Nurses